Go from being managed to managing yourself


A digital feedback tool that empowers you to own your feedback


How it works

Feedback from those who matter

Frisbee uses your calendar to identify those you work with most often so that you're giving and receiving feedback from people that matter to you.

We coach you and your contacts through giving useful, frequent feedback that you can put into action. No annual performance appraisal dread.

Better quality feedback

Take charge

See at a glance what your strengths and weaknesses are in the workplace and where you should focus your self-improvement efforts.

Don't just take their word for it

Feel some feedback may be limited to just one person? Put the feedback out to others in your company to get validation.

Build self awareness

Perception doesn't always mean reality. Frisbee helps you compare your view with your colleagues' to reveal skills gaps you didn't realise you had and where you're doing better than expected.

About Us

Frisbee is a project born out of Founders Factory, a corporate-backed incubator based in London. Our mission is to help everyone get the feedback they need to grow and achieve their full potential.

Take control of your feedback now