frisbee, the continuous feedback platform, helping employees and organisations grow, every day.

Transforming performance through dynamic peer-to-peer feedback.

frisbee is helping enterprises transform performance management through continuous feedback. In so doing, we offer employees and organisations real time insight into skills growth and engagement.


believe annual performance reviews to be ineffective


believe performance management to be ineffective

are redesigning performance management



believe their organisation is not making full use of skills




HR Professionals

frisbee helps HR and L&D to...

❝ create a culture of improvement & recognition ❞
❝ develop people in real time ❞
❝ give employees a voice ❞
❝ enhance team relationships ❞
❝ be proactive, not reactive ❞

Give feedback to peers and your organisation immediately

Employees can build a private growth profile through self-assessment and peer feedback, revealing real-time insight into their individual development opportunities.

Personalised growth profile

Feedback is structured to capture immediate events and interactions. The framework can be customised to support your organisation's skills, competencies and engagement indicators.

Behavioural prompts and peer validation

Employees recieve push notifications to encourage every day engagement. Users have the ability to share feedback, by socially validating it across their network. 

The organisation receives real time insight into skills gaps and key engagement indicators, whilst protecting the privacy and confidentiality of employees. 

Organisational insight

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